carrot cake

A few days ago it was my birthday. So I did what I do every year on my birthday. I have a traditional carrot cake. This all started when I was young and my grandma would make me carrot cake for my birthday. I didn't much care for carrot cake at the time. Especially one made of scratch that fit into a 9x13 pyrex baking pan. I wanted a vanilla light and airy cake from the store like all the other kids had. Not some thing with vegetables in it disguised as dessert. Carrots in my option were not my favorite vegetable and I didn't much like them for dinner, so they had no business being in a cake. But I did not have the heart to tell Grandma that her baking was in vain. So I ate the cake.

The cake ordeal got me thinking how many things I did not like as a kid. My parents always had the most grainy of grains wheat bread, Laura Scutter's peanut butter and homemade blackberry jam from the blackberry bush, which was my job to go fetch. Needless to say only half the berries made it to the house, the rest found a home in my tummy. I remember my neighbor Karen's mom would make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for us on perfectly white wonder bread spread with smooth Skippy and Smuckers grape jelly. She would then cut the crust off and place a banana next to it for us to enjoy. While I was eating each bite of my delicious not so wholesome sandwich I thought to myself, "Why can't my mom and dad supply great food like Karens mom had?"

For breakfast in my house dad would make buckwheat pancakes with orange peel in them. I mean I gave him a couple of points for pancakes in general, but buckwheat come on pops! The cereal in our house consist of muesli or steel-cut oats. Where was the peanut butter Captain Crunch? Or the Fruity Pebbles? No Lucky Charms? No golden grams? We almost never had fast food. Like pretty much never. I'm not saying there was not ever junk food in our home, but for the majority of the time it was good wholesome food.

Now as the grown woman I am today I have to laugh at the upturned nose of the child sized version of myself. I now really appreciate the fact that my parents tried to instill good eating habits in our lives. All the things I didn't enjoy as a kid I now really enjoy............Especially carrot cake!

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