L.A. River

Yesterday I went on a bike ride with my fella on the L.A. River. The river is an interesting place. Among the bikers that use the path and the few moms strolling with their little ones, you will see things like a guy fishing in the murky shallow waters. The sound of a near by train. Traffic from the freeway. But my favorite was the rooster that made his presences known through a fenced in yard with dying cactus and broken down cars.

We stopped at Spoke Cafe to enjoy a tasty refreshing beverage and were greeted with a live acoustic set. It was a rather pleasant place to stop and recharge after a bike ride. The cafe is small but they serve a rather large menu as well as beer and coffee drinks. The patio is quite large with plenty of tables and benches to relax on. The space is adorned with plants and bike gear aligning a brick wall. The staff is friendly and dogs are allowed. They even offer bike repairs if your stranded. The only down side is they close at 6pm but If your on the L.A. River and find your self hungry, parched, or just want to sit and relax and read a book this is a nice little gem.

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