Had the pleasure of going to Prescott this week. I always enjoy the desert. Arizona's desert is different than California's desert, but just as peaceful and beautiful. I always feel calm there. It feels like floating in a quiet pool and all your thoughts and cares just seem to soak up into the sun rays you're basking in. It's like the stillness you feel when your sitting by a creek or river, and you just hear the water and the trees. Something about the desert is magical to me. I love it. The landscaping of dirt and rock. The unlikelihood of shade from a cactus. The pop of color you get from a blooming flower. The clear blue sky with the mountains as a back drop. Every time I come to the desert it's like dropping by a wise friends house. Someone you admire and could sit and listen to their stories of long ago and a life thats passed by. Someone you could sit on a porch with and sip ice tea and say nothing at all. Just listening to the still breeze as the sun kisses your skin - until the trance that your in is broken by laughter - followed by 'we should have some ice cream.' I honestly wish I had an old wise friend like this. It use to be my grandma, but since she's gone the desert has taken a familiar approach to a warm fond kinship. I will always love it as far as I can see.

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