only but a glimse

One of my favorite past times is people watching. Living in cities you are always surrounded by people. Weather it be on public transportation, in a cafe, on a park bench, at a show, a dog park, the gym. I don't know about you, but I love diners. The quaintness of the booths, the thick chipped mugs full of strong coffee. The staff if they've been there for any length of time. Something about a diner makes me feel like I'm at home. So when I can combine people watching in one of my favoirte places even better. I noticed this lady as soon as I sat down. Her furrowed brow, displaying a stern concerned look. She reminded me of my grandma with her short black curls, red lips and tan Colombo style rain coat; but grandma was always smiling. I wondered what provoked such a grimacing look on her face. Was it our current state of politics? Or was it the fact that she just spilled some coffee on her coat. Maybe they stopped carrying her protocolar shade of red lip stick and she was all in a fuss about it. I am displeased myself when something I love or a product shade gets discontinued. What ever the case may be I enjoyed watching her. As for the meal it was most enjoyable. I had a breakfast burrito with a side of fruit and a strong cup of coffee in a mug displaying a delightful shade of green. The Mustard Seed Cafe is located in Los Feliz and is a small quaint breakfast spot. They recently revamped it and it resembles a french cafe. If your in the Los Feilz area stop by. You may not get as lucky as me and have a disgruntled woman to watch, but it is home to many writers, actors, and locals. The staff is always welcoming and the food is always delicious.

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