• popfuella

Your brain v your heart.

About 8 years ago a friend of mine told me I should start a blog. I didn't really even know what blogs were and blew off the suggestion. Three years passed and with Instagram becoming a growing platform I learned very quickly what a fashion lifestyle blog was. Huh! That's what Oliver was talking about. I could totally do that! So I set out to start my little blog, I already had the name due to the fact I chose it prior because I wanted to start a business of some sort and thought I should have a name. Well I wrote 6 total posts and then quit. Why you ask. I started to let my brain tell me what to do. You know how your brain is always telling you untruth hoods, like you're not good enough? You're a horrific speller, do you really think anyone will want to read your blog? Blogs are dumb anyway. Ya know all the imposter syndromes my fearful brain could conjure up so my poor little heart would quit. And so I would read other peoples blogs, and talk about doing one to my friends, to which the response was always, "you should, you'd be good at that. Or, "I'd read your blog." Most recently a friend of mine said to me something that really stuck with me and made me look at blogging in a whole different light. She said, "You never know who you are going to inspire". Simple I know, and for all the self help books I've read you would think I would have learned this one by now. It's written in some form in all of them. But when she said this to me in a almost nonchalant kind of "do your dang blog if it makes ya feel good, and be creative and maybe inspire people in the process. Now get outta my way I gotta drop a check at table 10. A light went off in my head. It was like Charlie when he found the golden ticket in the gutter and realized he was going to the chocolate factory and.................(insert needle scratching across record here) Ok noting that dramatic, but still it was a bit of a wake up call. Maybe I had been looking at this blog thing wrong this whole time. Maybe I could write some inspiring stuff or something. Or maybe my stye would be super revolutionary and I would start a new label and new trends. Or maybe I would just write for one person even if that one person was my mom (hi mom) regardless, I have picked up where I left off. And I am shocked to find out that it has been 3 years since my 6 post, but I am here to write till the cows come home. Or well um... you get the picture.................Stay tuned.